Why BluePointe

Here’s what clients tend to appreciate the most about their experience working with us.

> Fee-Only Compensation Structure

Our fee-only structure ensures that our investment decisions are in the best interest of our clients, with their financial success as our only goal.

We structure our compensation this way so that you could feel assured that we are truly sitting on the same side of the table as you and making decisions that put your interests before our own. We wouldn’t want it any other way if we ourselves were in your shoes.

> Focus on Essentials

Financial advisory firms tend to overcomplicate their clients with tedious processes. Many times, this does more harm than good by obstructing the flow of action, overwhelming the client, and depleting your resources. At BluePointe, we are sensitive to your time and money. A focus on efficiency is the team philosophy of those who serve you at BluePointe.

You won’t find us recommending unnecessary things or proposing that you take actions “just because.” Our practice is based on achieving the strong fundamentals first - and if additional services are required then we address them as needed, not as a matter of course.


Through BluePointe's relationships with leading asset managers, hedge funds, fund-of-funds and private equity firms, we are in many cases able to provide access to these investments at lower minimums, either through direct investment or via one of our separate BluePointe investment vehicles.

Clients appreciate the strength of our network outside of the industry as well. In the past we have connected our clients with individuals of influence that we know. When there’s something you need, you’ll find strength in our potential ability to activate our network on your behalf.