What You Will Gain

Education, Inspiration and Collaboration:

Those are our goals for the BluePointe Capital Wealth Management Bootcamps for Women.  Here, you will have the opportunity to learn, from industry experts, anything you'd like to learn about the investment landscape.  You will be inspired by leaders and achievers who have conquered all obstacles to leave a legacy with their endeavors.  You will be surrounded by like-minded women who are motivated by the same ideas and concepts you may be, and can make friendships to last a lifetime.



  • Have you wondered why some money goes into bonds and some into stocks, real estate or hedge funds?
  • If the unexpected were to happen, what are the first steps you need to take?

  • How do you protect your family’s wealth from being eroded over time?



By enrolling in the BluePointe Capital Wealth Management Bootcamp For Women, you will meet with and learn from leaders who have achieved their highest life goals to leave a meaningful legacy for their families.  You will be inspired learning from guest speakers and attendees what goals-based investing truly means.



During the BluePointe Capital Wealth Management Bootcamp For Women, you will collaborate with other women to share challenges you may have faced with wealth and raising a family, and exchange your knowledge and expertise which could be helpful to others.

Bootcamp Leader

Amy Parvaneh

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BluePointe Capital has tapped Amy Parvaneh, who earned her training and stripes in the Investment Management divisions of Goldman Sachs and PIMCO, to lead this year's Wealth Management Bootcamp For Women. Ms. Parvaneh also has multiple years of experience working in investment banking and equity research at Citigroup and Bear Stearns.

Ms. Parvaneh has a Master's in Business Admistration from Duke University, and a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Business Management from Stony Brook University.

She has taught extensively about investments, portfolio management, and alternative investments as a faculty professor at Pepperdine University and as an adjunct professor at City University of New York Baruch. She is also the CEO of a consulting firm called, Select Advisors, which works with different types of investment management firms, including mutual fund companies, wealth management firms, and single-strategy asset managers.

Bootcamp Topics

  • Overview of BluePointe Capital & Cyber Security

  • Elevating your Social Impact

  • Living a Goals-Based Life to Leave a Legacy

  • Common Financial Mistakes Made by Investors

  • Influencing Responsibility and Values within Wealthy Families