2019 IPO Market: Should You Invest?
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2019 IPO Market: Should You Invest?

With rumors of companies such as Uber potentially going public in 2019, this is big news for investors. In this 30 minute webinar, we’ll go through many of the considerations you should be thinking about, such as:

  • Major IPOs expected in 2019

  • Risks associated with investing in IPOs

  • How to achieve sufficient diversification

  • Buying pre-IPO vs. at a later point

  • Risks of pre-IPO investing – what you should know before you buy

  • Our view of the 2019 macroeconomic climate

Date: Tuesday, April 23rd

Time: 11 AM

Location: Zoom conference line to be announced

Cost: Free

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Conference Call: BluePointe January Challenge
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Conference Call: BluePointe January Challenge

January is a time when people are looking forward as well as back at the same time. Take a moment to look at how last year went for you. Did you achieve all you wanted to?

Take the January challenge with us. As many New Year’s resolutions have something to do with diet, put yourself on a tax diet. That’s why we are holding a webinar with KPMG and Mosaic to discuss Opportunity Zones.

Qualified Opportunity Zones (QOZs) have attracted significant attention as a potential major source of untapped capital to revitalize underserved communities and as an outlet for investors to preserve capital gains by unlocking substantial tax incentives, while potentially generating additional investment yields.

There are three noteworthy potential tax benefits:

  • Deferral of capital gains

  • Reduction of capital gains for 5 to 7-year holding periods

  • Sale or exchange of a QOF investment without gains generated

To learn more, join us on January 16th at 11:30am PST.  

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